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Commercial Law
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To undertand the basic principles and basic rules of commercial law and be able to analyze and resove various issues by utilizing relevant priciples and rules. To be to resovle practical issues by adopting commercial law priciples and rules and enhance student’s practical ability.
First, this course shall be mainly a theortical one, designed to let the students understand basic legal framework in commercial law and be attentive to emerging pratical issues in judicial practice. Secondly, case teaching shall be employed. In addition to theory, typical fresh cases shall be introduecd. Thirdly, balance of compulsory and optional issues. Due to extensive areas of commercial law involving complicate issues, it is impossible to lecture all the contents, so this course shall focus on general priciples of commercial law, company law and bankruptcy law.


There are three parts, i.e. general priciples of commercial law, company law and bankruptcy law. The general priciples of commercial law consists of general introduction, commercial subjects, commercial registration, trade name and commercial accounts. The company law consists of company and company law, incorporation, financing, shareholders, corporate governance, corporate change and termination. The bankruptcy law consists of general introduction, general principles of procedures, administration, reconciliation and liquidation.

Credits: 2


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