Compulsory Courses

Financial Accounting 1
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Objectives and Requirements:
Financial accounting 1 is an introductory course designed to enable you to build a foundation of knowledge and skills in preparation for the other courses in financial accounting, as well as for the study of related courses in the accounting curriculum.
The broad aims of the course are to provide you with a sound introduction to the following:
·general concepts of financial accounting
·procedures used in the preparation of financial statements
·use of accounting information in managerial and financial decision making
·various ethical considerations in accounting
An Introduction to Accounting Concepts, Recording Transactions, Completing Accounting Cycle, Accounting for Merchandising Activities, Inventories and Special Journals, Internal Control and Accounting for Cash, Temporary Investments and Receivables, Fixed Assets, Natural Resources and Intangibles, Current and Long-Term Liabilities, Accounting for Partnerships and Corporations and Cash Flow Statement and Ratio Analysis.
Credits: 3