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Management Accounting 2
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Objectives and Requirements:

Management Accounting II [MA2] is an advanced course in management accounting. The aims in this course are to:

  • develop a conceptual understanding of the role of management accounting information in supporting managerial decisions
  • develop an ability to perform analyses relevant to specific managerial decisions
  • develop an awareness of current issues in designing and implementing effective management control systems
  • develop an awareness of the moral responsibilities of management accountants to their profession and to the managers they advise

It is assumed that students have mastered the concepts and analysis presented in Management Accounting 1, especially the following topics:

  • cost behaviour and cost-volume-profit analysis
  • variable, absorption, and activity-based costing
  • relevant costs for decision making


Management Accounting and Management Decisions, Relevant Information in Short-Run Decisions, Complications related to Short-Run Decisions, Capital Budgeting, Contemporary Approaches to Product Costing, Activity-Based Management, The Agency Theory Perspective on Management Accounting, Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing, Ethical Considerations related to Agency Theory and Control and Integration.

Credits: 3

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