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Financial Accounting 4
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Objectives and Requirements:
Financial accounting 4 is designed to assist students in developing professional competence and skills to:
  • Technical skills required to deal with advanced areas of the GAAP framework, such as the elimination of the pooling of interests method, the allocation of a larger portion of the acquisition cost to intangible assets other than goodwill, the removal of the goodwill amortization requirement and its replacement with yearly tests for impairment.
  • The ability to apply principles when selecting appropriate accounting policies in particular circumstances, such as the removal of the requirement to defer and amortize foreign currency gains/losses from non-current monetary positions.
  • The ability to formulate recommendations using professional judgment to fund accounting.

Canadian and International Environments, Financial Instruments and Income Tax Allocation, Introduction to Interoperate Investment, Consolidation Subsequent to Acquisition,  Intercompany Transaction, Issues in Ownership and Joint Ventures, Foreign Currency Translation, Translation and Consolidation of Foreign Subsidiaries, Financial Reporting in the Not-for-Profit and Public Sectors and Fund Accounting.

Credits: 3


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