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Electronic Commerce
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Objectives and Requirement:

After they finish the course, the students should understand the general situation of EC under the background of information revolution, and realize its influences and significances on business, economy and social life. They should also understand the main business model of EC and its development tendency after this course. They should realize the development of EC will bring profound influences and revolutionary changes in many fields, but these will happen gradually. And also, the students can make judgment, analysis and evaluation on development of EC and its operation in practice by themselves after this course.
1. the general situation of Electronic Commerce (abbr. EC as follows);
2. the major business model and its development in China and other countries;
3. the influences of EC on enterprises, the national trade environment and life.
Some practical operations will be introduced in this course, but its emphasis lies on the influences on business and economy of EC, includes the influences on circulation, traditional industries, the national trade environment and etc.
This course bases on the theories of Western Economics and International Trade. The students who take this course should have certain knowledge of internet and Basic English level.
Credits: 2
Prerequisite Course: Practice on International Trade

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