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Project Management
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Objectives and Requirements:

This course introduces specific managerial concepts and techniques useful in project management. Topics include: organizational structure; how to plan, begin, carry out, control and close project processes; and the relationship between projects and an organization's mission, objectives and goals.
Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
1) Understand the relationship of the "enterprise" and its various professions and functions to projects and project management;
2) Assess project feasibility and project plan completeness, procedures and techniques;
3) Apply basic project management concepts to business situations, including the "project life cycle".
4) lay foundation of how to pass PMP text
Project Management is growing rapidly as both an occupation and as an academic discipline. It is based on a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to management that focuses on the successful achievement of defined deliverables.  Project management is the embodiment of quality management and has already become the predominant management approach in fields such as construction, engineering, performing arts production, technology development, and telecommunications.
First, project management is an integrative course which involves many courses such as finance, accounting, organizational behavior, human resources, management communication, operational research and operational management, second, it is also a practical course, because it can be used in many fields, including construction engineering, IT project, research and development project, and so on. Thus it is very important to learn some special management ideas and some management technique or tools when you manage a project. more important is that project manager should finish project within time ,within cost and within performance in order to achieve project objectives and meet customer's need. Third, students not only learn and master some important concepts and management method, but also focus on practical training, such as project plan development in English, and oral presentation in public.  
Credits: 2
Prerequisite Course: Fundamentals of Accouting

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