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Business Communication
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Business communication is a required option for undergraduate students majoring in international economics & trade and in investment economics. The overall objective is to provide students with a working knowledge of fundamental issues in business communication in preparation for their business endeavors in a globalizing economy.
After they finish the course, students shall have a good command of theories and practical skills of business communication including communication media and channel, relation between culture and communication, communication in a cross-cultural environment, listening skills, preparing and organizing meetings, interviewing skills, techniques for overcoming conflicts, communication skills in teams, etc.
Topics include introduction of business communication, communication in organizations and teams, culture and communication, cross-cultural communication, communication medias, communication channels, being a good listener, various techniques for face-to-face communications, various techniques for all kinds of meetings, various techniques for making speeches in different situations, communication in a conflicting situation, and etc.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite Course: Business Correspondence

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