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International Marketing
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International marketing is that the international economic and trade administered by the professional category compulsory courses the story backdrop of economic globalization to international marketing environment, the use of marketing mix and market analysis. Through learning to enable students to understand the new international economic context marketing environment and market structure changes, Marketing the moral and social responsibility, cooperation and relations for the 21st century engaged in business activities in the staff requirements.
(1) require students to understand the integration of the international economic environment of marketing in the economic, cultural and legal environment is not controlled, and how, in these complex environments using marketing mix develop marketing plans, marketing activities, master the international marketing expertise.
(2) master the international marketing expertise at the same time, understand international business knowledge, and will be able to use the knowledge acquired to solve specific marketing problems.
(3) require students to join micro-economics, macroeconomics, international economics and other topics, with better English reading and conversation.

(1) Introduction of international marketing environment, cultural analysis and international marketing management concept. This part of the global consciousness that is the basis of global marketing, international trade in dynamic environment for the global marketing of competition brought opportunities and challenges.

(2) the global market analysis of the cultural environment. This part of that global oriented international marketers need to recognize cultural differences, and the need for adjustment, to adapt to these cultural differences make the right choice.

(3) the global market opportunity assessment. This part of that, as the market expanded, cross-market segments of the market to force the further evolution of marketing staff to understand the different cultural backgrounds and cross-cultural market behavior .

(4) the development of global marketing strategies. This part examines various participants in international marketing through the establishment of appropriate collaboration between the consumer and industrial markets, Deeply integration strategy to obtain a global competitive advantage.

Credits: 3

Prerequisite Course: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Trade


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