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This is an intermediary-level course for economics/business related majors.  The aim of this course is to teach in detail the concepts and theories in microeconomics. Upon passing this course, students should have clear understanding of the behaviors of different entities in a market economy, as well as the ability to apply the concepts and theories and models in real life issues.
1. This course is taught completely in English, which includes textbook, lecture, discussions, assignments and examinations.  It requires that the students have intermediary levels of listening, reading, comprehension and writing skills in English. 
2. Students should also possess adequate skills in mathematical analysis, especially some knowledge in calculus. 
3. In order to pass this course successfully. students should try to preview and review each chapter in addition to coming to lecture and completing the assignments, due to the large volume of information and fast pace of lectures in this course.
The basic concepts and theories related to the behaviors of different entities in a market economy, such as individuals/ households, firms, industries, and governments, will be closely looked into.  These theories are grouped in to several sections of the course: consumer theories, production theories, competitive/monopolistic market theories and game theories.  Students will also be exposed to concepts reflecting the imperfections/failures of markets, like externality, consumer/producer surplus, excess burden of taxation, and antitrust, etc.
Credits: 3


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