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International Finance
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This course is the fundamental of all majors of economics. Students should learn macro and micro economics, money and banking, international trade and other related courses. This course mainly focuses on the basic theories and related knowledge of international payment, the determinate of foreign exchange, international capital flow in the international financial field. After learning this course, students should have a systematic mastery of the theories, knowledge and analytical skills of international payment, foreign exchange business, foreign exchange system, international reserves, international financial market, international capital flow and international monetary system. Teachers should give much attention to the explanation of fundamental theories in order to nurture students' ability to analyze and to broaden their knowledge. 
International Finance is a necessary course for majors in economics and management. The students are required to master the fundamental theories of international finance and be familiar with the use of basic analytical tools and theories to solve the economic problems in real life. The course also requires students to have a systematic mastery of the theories, knowledge of international finance and its function and standing in the process of a country’s economic and social development.
Basic theories and definitions of the international payment, foreign exchange. Such as international payment, foreign exchange, foreign exchange system, international reserve policy, inner and outer equilibrium
Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course: Microeconomics

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