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International Trade
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Objectives and Requirements:

International trade is a basic course of disciplines of economics and management.  It studies international trade theory and policies. Learning this course will enable students to fully understand international trade theory, trade patterns, the distribution of the benefits of trade, various policies and measures of economic effects, the International Trade of international coordination. The course is designed to train students open economy under the conditions of economic problems of thinking, to enable students to understand open economy under the conditions of economic development linkages and interactions. Through the study, students should master the international trade theory, the development of different international trade policy and important domestic economic effects of policies, as well as important international trade practices. The courses focus on the theory of absolute advantage, comparative advantage theory, the new classical trade theory, economies of scale and trade theory, tariffs and various non-tariff barriers to the analysis.

Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course: Microeconomics

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