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International Investment
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This course is a selective course for the major of Finance. Students should learn International Finance first. International Investment is an applied economic theory course, which researches the international flow of actual capital and fictitious capital, the mechanism, the way of flow, and the effects. The course aims to explain the basic theories of international direct investment (the actual capital flow) and international indirect flow (the fictitious capital flow).
Through the learning, students should get an understanding of the development process and situation of international investment; get a systematic master of international direct investment and international indirect investment.
This course is guided by the Deng Xiaoping theory, important theories of Three Representatives and Scientific Development theory, and combined with the reality of China’s reform and opening .The course aims to teach the students the mechanism of international investment, the subject and object of international investment, the international investment management, includes international investment theory OIL spectrum, the theory of comparative advantage, the theory of portfolio management, MNC, international investment policy, international investment environment and international investment risk management. 
Credits: 3


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