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Karthika—IS Family Member & MBBS Coordinator
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Hello Everyone! I am Karthika. I hail from the southern part of India. I completed my education in different cities of India. It’s the experience that I gained from different places that gave me the urge to explore beyond boundaries. I was not sure if it could really be ‘me’ to travel to China when I got this opportunity. Though part of me wanted to push beyond and soar, the other part pulled me down with fear. But the question of “What if” haunting me for the rest of my life to miss an opportunity gave me the strength that I needed to make my decision. I knew life will not be the same with new people, new living and new customs but I also knew that going for it and facing it was much better than the pain of regret. This total unexpected journey to one of the most beautiful and amazing place was worth beyond all my pain of leaving my home.  

Guangzhou is a beautiful city, much beyond anyone’s imagination of China, especially when it is being one’s work destination. With a lot of greenery among the towering buildings - it is a place where nature meets technology. The people are always kind making you feel at home with their heart- warming smile and amicable to greet and offer help.

To be working in Jinan was the 2nd best thing of coming to Guangzhou; coming to China was the first. As beautiful as it could be the campus amazed me. And so did the people who live with me. To be loved and felt loved is the essence of Love and I feel this warmth of affection from the people who surround me here.

It’s the enigmatic nature of time that makes the future so unpredictable and interesting. And that’s what holds every moment that I spend here more precious. Everyday a new lesson, everyday a new beginning; sometimes with little surprises and sometimes with little disappointments. I am thankful for all because this opportunity of mine to work here made me realize my potential and I realized all that was required was the courage to take the first step.

Written by Karthika
Edited by Nick

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