China Studies

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China Studies


Objectives: Based upon Chinese traditional classics, overseas Sinology and studies of China, China Studies is an interdisciplinary program with a curriculum covering a wide scope of knowledge of China with focus on contemporary China issues in language, history, literature, politics, legal institutions, and socio-economic development. The target students are non-Chinese nationals. The program aims to cultivate qualified China specialists or business/international affairs professionals with profound knowledge of Chinese culture and China’s domestic conditions.


Major courses: Chinese Language, Introduction to Chinese Traditional Culture, Research Methodology and Thesis Writing, Theory and Methods in Political Science, Economy and Development of Contemporary China, Chinese Law and Society, Selected Readings on Chinese Classics, Comparative Study on Chinese and Foreign Civilization.


Requirements: Students in this program are required to complete a minimum of 28 credits for graduation (6 for basic compulsory courses, 14 for specialty compulsory courses and 8 for non-specialty courses). The arrangement is subject to change according to actual needs. Students should accomplish their dissertation in English.


Length of the program: 2 years.


Degree awarded:  Master degree in Law