International Journalism (IJ)

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 International Journalism (IJ)


Objectives: This program aims to turn out highly-qualified professionals in journalism with an international view and solid knowledge in world media landscape. Graduates of the program will be proficient in English language and equipped with professional skills in news production and translation which empower them to work as reporters, editors and translators in international news organizations or be engaged in foreign-related field.

Major Courses: Western Society and Culture, Introduction to Journalism, History of Chinese Journalism, Overseas Journalism, English news Writing, International News Translation, Mass Communication, English Column and Editorial Writing, International Communication, Report China for Foreign Audience, Theory and Practice of International Relations.

Requirements: Students under this program should 1) have a good command of the basic theory of journalism and the basic knowledge of the current situation of domestic and foreign media 2) be familiar with world politics, economy and culture. 3) be competent in using English in news gathering and writing 4) be able to use modern communication technology for news editing and production

Core Disciplines: Journalism, Communication

Length of the program: 4 years.


Degree awarded: Bachelor's degree in Arts