Computer Science and Technology (CST)


Provide the best possible undergraduate education with a well-balanced emphasis on computer science theories, practical hands-on development skills as well as software engineering management .
Through in-depth lectures and rigorous tutorials, laboratory work, projects and case studies, students will acquire a broad and thorough understanding of the theories and practical skills behind software design and development, software engineering, database systems, computer networks and information security.  The B.Sc. Computer Science is a sandwich program that allows students to gain valuable real world work experience.  Graduates can easily leverage this strong foundation to specialize in various technical and managerial positions.
The students should be able to:
1. have a good command of English, with strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and be able to work in an English Environment after graduation.
2. apply relevant mathematics and engineering methods to computing;
3. use computer programming for problem solving;
4. identify problems, analyze requirements, formulate design and implement solutions that meet realistic constraints;
5. use software engineering methods and tools for developing quality software solutions;
6. develop projects effectively and independently;
7. apply specialized knowledge in selected area(s) of Computer Science;
8. collaborate and function effectively in team work situations including multi-disciplinary team;
9. function effectively in an industrial environment and apply learned skills to real-world problems.
Major Courses
Discrete Mathematics; Software Engineering; Problem Solving and Programming; Computer Organization; Object-Oriented Programming; Operating Systems; Computer Networks; Data Structures; Database Systems; Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Software Testing and Maintenance; Internet Security and E-Commerce Protocols; Image Processing; Artificial Intelligence, etc
Length of Program: 4 years
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science