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 Accounting (CPA-Canada)


Conducted totally in English as the medium of instruction, with all textbooks and teaching materials compiled by and imported from CGA Canada, this program is designed to train specialists who are enabled to meet the needs of rapidly growing market economy of China and develop in an all-round way. Students trained under this program should be equipped with sound basic theory, skills in auditing, international accounting regulations and economic statutes. They will be qualified upon graduation for auditing jobs in certified accountant offices both at home and abroad as C.P.A. as well as for careers in commercial enterprises as accountant and financial affairs executive.

Students trained under this program will study mainly the basic theory and knowledge in the field of accounting, auditing and business administration and get trained in the basic skills in accounting and auditing. They are expected to have reasonable strong ability to analyze and solve problems in accounting and auditing field.

Students trained under this program should:

1. have a good mastery of basic theory, expertise and skills in the field of management science, economics, accounting and auditing.

2. have a good mastery of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods in accounting and auditing. 

3. have a reasonably strong ability of oral and verbal expression, inter-personal communication, information acquisition and basic ability to solve accounting and auditing problems.

4. keep well-informed of the policies and regulation in the accounting and auditing fields both at home and abroad and international accounting and auditing practices.

5. have a sound knowledge of the latest achievements and the trend of development in the academic field;

6. have a sound mastery of basic methods of literature retrieval; and be able to do practical work and scientific research.

Major Courses:

Management Science, Micro-economics, Macro-economics, Information Management System, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Economic Law, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting and Auditing.

Length of Program: 4 years

Degree Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree in Management