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 Clinical Medicine (M.B.B.S.)


The program for Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is designed to train the students to be specialists in the field of medicine. Students after passing the examination of license for medical practitioner in his homeland should be able to be competent to work in the field of medicine, medical education and scientific research.
The program for clinical medicine (MBBS) makes efforts to equip the students to acquire knowledge and skill in diagnosis, therapeutic and prevention. At the end of the program, the undergraduate students should:
1.     have the characteristic and attitude required for a doctor, be exemplary citizen by observation of medical ethics and fulfilling social and professional obligations, so as to respond to national aspirations.
2.     achieve competence in practice of holistic medicine, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common diseases; acquire the knowledge of development of medicine.
3.     be competent in diagnosis and management of common health problem, as well as the server health problems.   
4.     acquire the skill of carrying out scientific research.
Major courses
Anatomy, physiology, histology and embryology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, community medicine, forensic medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics.
Compulsory training
One year rotational internship in hospitals (52 weeks)
Duration of the program:
Students shall undergo a period of study extending over four and a half years from the date of commencement of his study in pre–clinical subjects. After he pass all the subjects, he should finish one year compulsory rotating internship in hospital of his home country or in China. If he has passed HSK band 6 and the medical Chinese language examination of Jinan University, he can finish his rotating internship in hospitals in China.