International Economics and Trade (IET) 


This program is designed to turn out highly-qualified professionals armed with a sound basic knowledge of theories and expertise in international economy and trade, familiar with the latest developments in the field of international trade of the modern world, able to handle international business and economic cooperation, and qualified for careers in business, management, research, as well as publicity in economic and trade organizations.

1. Candidates are required to possess a solid foundation of management and international trade theories and a wide range of knowledge in economy and trade-related activities, basic skills and major analysis methods.

2. This program is offered in English as the sole medium of instruction. Candidates are required to have a good command of English, with strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and be able to work in an English Environment after graduation.

3. Candidates should develop a strong ability to engage themselves in social service and social activities and have a good command of basic skills required for practical and research work in the field of economics.

4. Candidates should have a reasonably strong ability in computer word and data processing and master the basic skills to search for economic data and information through modern information technology.

Major Courses:

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade, International Trade Practice, International Finance, International Investment, International Marketing, etc.

Length of Program: 4 years

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor’s Degree in Economics