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Era for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ——A Visit to Excellent Alumni’s Startup – WhatYouNeed

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On the morning of May 5, 2019, Party Deputy Secretary Mr. Liu Ming, academic secretary Ms. Li Jia and student affairs counselor Ms. He Yuyan of International School and respectful staff of Employment Guidance Center of Jinan University paid a visit to WhatYouNeed, a cultural creativity startup established by the excellent alumni of International School.

WhatYouNeed was founded by a finance undergraduate of International School, Chen Yuming, and his 4 fellow students in March, 2014, with their original intentions to provide human interpretation of hot issues happened in campus and to organize interesting events for students in Jinan University.

Having a reunion with the class advisor Ms. Li Jia three years after graduation, Chen Yuming and the other two co-founders, Li Ruoxin and Li Jiehe, really felt at home and they recalled a lot about their time spent in America together, which laid a good foundation for their entrepreneur practice. What’s worth mentioning is that WYN team gained 6 million RMB of angel financing in 2017 from Tecent Group and China Media Capital.

When it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr. Chen Xiaoming, deputy director of Employment Guidance Center, introduced the Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to WYN team, an event which is paid high attention to by China national leaders. Ms. Huang Xiaohua from Employment Guidance Center then added more details about how to participate in the competition.

Mr. Liu Ming really appreciated what WhatYouNeed has achieved and welcomed WYN team to come back to International School for sharing, because their rich experience is bound to influence a large quantity of their junior students.

The visit to WhatYouNeed marked an important step to practice what President Xi Jinping had said in the National Education Conference. We believe that International School can do a better work in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship education.