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Communication with College of Pharmacy on Pharmacy Teaching in English

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This meeting was organized by College of Pharmacy on 18th April, 2019, at the 20? meeting room of College of Pharmacy. There are 18 academic and administrative staff from College of Pharmacy and International School attended, including Prof. Zhou Guangxiong, dean of College of Pharmacy, Prof. Wu Xiyang, vice dean of International School, Prof. Zhang Jianping, Mrs. Song Jingsong.

 ( discussion by teaching staff)

In the meeting, College of Pharmacy and International School reported the latest development of the PHA major, its current issues and problems. Besides, teaching staff had an in-depth discussion on how to improve the quality of classroom teaching in English and how to promote students’ academic and professional awareness in order to make teaching activity more oriented. Some feasible proposals on the issues such as foreign teacher invitation, undergraduate students’ participation in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as how to make specialty education goal of pharmacy specialty in an emerging globalized and diverse education environme.

 ( speech  by Prof. Wu Xiyang)

 (conclusion by Prof. Zhou Guangxiong)

The PHA major was jointly set up by the College of Pharmacy and International School in 2004. Up to now, more than 400 students have been enrolled, of which 41% are students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well as foreign countries.



Written by: Sarah