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Staff meeting on M.B.B.S. Teaching Organized by International School

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This meeting was organized on 4thApril, 2019 at S307 of the 2ndSocial Science Building. There are 24 academic staff including Prof. YU Pei, executive vice dean of International School, Prof. Wu Xiyang, Mrs. Song Jingsong, and M.B.B.S. teaching staff as well as Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, representative of Indian partner-Saraswati Online also attended this meeting.

In the meeting, International School informed about current development and problems of M.B.B.S. major. In this regard, teachers had an in-depth discussion of how to improve classroom teaching quality and to stimulate students’interest in learning. Besides, some feasible proposals on the issues of entrance examination, clinical practice admission examination, and Indian MCI examination (medical practitioner examination for overseas Indian medical students) have been put forward.

JNU M.B.B.S. recruitment was organized by International School firstly in 2005. It was suspended for 4 years and restarted in the fall of 2011. Approved by the China ministry of education, JNU M.B.B.S. enrollment number is 100 ( one of the largest recruitment scale). The number of Indian students dominated, accounting for 89%.

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