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First Seminar of 2019 Spring Semester was Successfully Held

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On Wednesday afternoon of March 7, 2019, the first International School seminar of 2019 spring semester was held in the lecture room of the 2nd Social Science Building in the main campus of Jinan University. It was chaired by Prof. Yu Pei, executive vice-dean of International School, and Prof. Wu Xiyang, vice-dean of International School. Prof. Yang Xuesong from School of Medicine, Mr. Pan Qiliang, director of Social Science Department, and Dr. Wai-Kit Ming, adjunct professor of Jinan University were invited. All teaching and administrative staff of International School attended this seminar.

At first, Prof. Yang Xuesong gave a lecture about “How to find scientific question in routine teaching and where to submit academic research papers”. Prof. Yang Xuesong is a teacher with rich experience in medicine teaching and scientific research. In his lecture, he shared his ideas on the way how to find research topics and to implement research in teaching area as well as how to submit research papers in domestic and global perspectives.

Mr. Pan Qiliang gave an introduction about how to increase the percentage of hits in the social science fund project applications. He took the examples of application for national social science fund project to stress the importance of a topic with concise structure and informative content. His lecture provided helpful guidance for the staff to apply for social science fund project.

Dr. Wai-Kit Mingshared his experience in guiding university entrepreneurial team. Dr. Mingis one of the supervisors of Jinan University Entrepreneurship Institute. He guided a student entrepreneurial team of Jinan University with different professional backgrounds to achieve excellent results in domestic and international entrepreneurial competitions. Now, this student team has entered the JNU Hongkong-Macau-Taiwan Shared Work Space. He expressed the importance of multidisciplinary backgrounds of team members to the success and sustainability of a student entrepreneurial team.

Prof. Yu Pei made a conclusion at last. She thanked Prof. Yang, Mr. Pan and Dr. Mingfor their sharing and spoke highly of their lectures. She also encouraged all International School staff to apply for social science fund project as well as to participate in the guidance of student entrepreneurship.

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