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5A标兵之艺术之星Apoorva|She believed she could, so she did!

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A person who takes the path less travelled by others. A person who is independent, passionate, patient, artistic, dedicated and bold. A person who thinks differently. A person who does what she believes in. A person who is working hard to fulfil her dreams.A person who never gives up!

That person is me, Apoorva Vishwanath currently studying in 3rd year MBBS. I come from the southern part of India, Bangalore. My father works as a Superintendent in a Postal department and my mother is a housewife. I am their only child and they have made sure to give me the best throughout my life. I am married to the most supportive man one could ask for. My husband works as a Game programmer in a company called Electronic Arts back in India. I have an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine called Homeopathy.

As I mentioned earlier, I am the one with thinks differently and here I am in Jinan to apply that in my professional and personal development.



Sharing a story doesn’t just really show who I am but also shows who I want to be. It helps us evaluate ourselves and gives a room for an improvement. I come from a very humble family where we help fine tune each other. To reach where I am today my family and friends are the strong pillars who has stood by me throughout.

I am Apoorva Vishwanath, doing my third year in MBBS major. I was born and brought up in Bangalore which is in the southern part of India. My childhood has been very memorable filled with adventures. Be it my school or extra-curricular activities, I was always the first one to sign in. My parents and family had always encouraged me. Thanks to them for making me travel from a very young age.

Every place I have been to has taught me something. My father used to tell me that the journey matters more than the destination and make it worthwhile. It’s this “journey” even in life which matters irrespective of the destination. Even after I moved to China, I made sure I travelled. I have explored many places in Guangzhou. I got to witness the historical Dragon boat festival. I have visited Foshan, Shenzhen, Guilin and Qingyuan. The culture, humbleness and enthusiasm of the people here has always taken me by surprise. Travelling has always been a major part of my life and I believe I learn more about myself every time I travel.

Two other things if I want to recall from childhood would be ART and MY DREAM. My aunt who is classical dancer introduced me to her art and classical music which I started learning from the age of 6. I couldn’t continue dance but music was a part of my life till 11th grade. My second aunt being an artist made sure I held those painting brushes at even younger age. People would often find me with a sheet, color pencil, scissors and glue.

It is my comfort zone even now. Give me a pencil and a drawing sheet, I will forget the whole world around me. What started as a hobby from childhood became a way of life. Creating something, no matter how simple always gave me a sense of achievement. It reflects the emotions of an artist and that is what I love about ART. My thirst to learn painting continued even after I came to China. I have been learning Chinese painting from the beginning of this year and have already done two paintings from Song dynasty. It is a part of me now and defines the person I am today.

MY DREAM was inspired by my father and grandmother who kept telling me stories about being a doctor. I never realized when their dream became my passion, my goal- in short MY EVERYTHING. I had never kept any other career choice throughout. I just had to be a doctor more precisely, a surgeon.

After my 12th grade, I took up an undergraduate course in Homeopathy which is for five and half years. It is an alternative medicine which was originated from Germany. I worked for a year after which I got married to the love of my life. Very soon I realized that I hadn’t reached my goal. I knew I had to do something different than others. I had to take a path less travelled. I just didn’t want to be a Homeopathic physician. I wanted to be more than that….I wanted to be different.

I started searching for opportunities and with the support and encouragement by my husband, family and friends I found my way. My journey to be a surgeon started from a Jinan University.

I didn’t know what to expect when I was coming to Jinan. I never thought I would get the exposure, opportunity and stage which I got here. The moment I reached here, from the day one everyday has been something new in my life. Be it career wise or personal development or to meeting new people or making new friends.

I served a monitor for one and half years during which we won one of the major competitions, English Evening. I was one of the major organisers from our batch. I took part in dance for freshmen party, Chinese corner, English Evening and I can surely say I found my dancing days again. I even went out to try for English speech competition, gave a senior experience speech for junior freshmen party. I was spell bound when I got one of the first prizes for Chinese character competition organized last semester. I have attended the Chinese knotting workshop organized by the International School. Through one of my teacher’s I found out a painting teacher here and it is amazing to see the value people have for the art of painting. I even designed the non-formal tshirt of the MC team. Every event I took part in has taught me something and showed me a glimpse of how my life should be in future.

I always did what I believed in and I am lucky to have people around me who encouraged me. My husband who has always been my back support and strength and my parents who always gave me wings to fly. I will make sure I will do justice to what my father told about making “journey” worthwhile and make him proud.





(荣获 English Evening 一等奖

(Digital Pencil sketch

(Props for English Evening(手工作品)







其实,这些形容很抽象,就是每个人对事物不同的真实感受。说句实在话,每个人估计都能够感受得到,画画只是难在怎样把这种感受,借助画画工具,展现在纸上,心手达情! 我给璐娃讲了大量的比喻,通过反复的思考和实践,她已经有了很大的进步!


Apoorva Vishwanath has been one of the most sincere and hard working juniors I have known so far in the MBBS major. She has been an example of sincerity and perseverance, and it is due to this, that the teachers realised the leader inside her and made her the class representative during her freshmen year.

Leadership is believed to be something that comes from birth, it is not something that can be inculcated or rather be learnt. This is a quality that brightens up your personality and makes you a person whom people always look forward to, and she has been no exception. She led her batch to the biggest international school event, English Evening, and did managed to win the intensely competitive competition. She has been persistently working on her batch’s shortcomings and the batch did gained loads of appreciation under her leadership. She has set an example of a moral character, not just for her batch mates, but also for her juniors too.

Sincerity and hard work is not all she has, but she is also a very enthusiastic Chinese calligrapher. She has a keen interest in arts and that does reflects from her work in Chinese calligraphy. Her sense of art has been really appreciable and it does reflects her sense of maturity and perseverance.

I really feel that she is a potential contender for the Jinan Star awards, because this is the perfect place where she can really prove her mettle and show it to the world what she is actually worth of.

Perseverance, Adventurous, Motivated, Determined are just few words that can describe Apoorva Vishwanath. She has not failed to surprise everyone in her class by her sheer determination to learn and inspire.

Apoorva has proved her leadership quality by being the monitor for the MBBS batch 2016 in the initial three semesters. During the tenure of which she had helped her fellow classmates deal with university issues including visa issues, bank works and lot more. The best aspect of her is her keen interest in learning and trying new experiences which is well appreciated by her classmates and her faculty members. She actively participated in the Chinese Corner, English evening, English Speech competition and also delivered the senior speech for the Freshmen part for MBBS 2017 batch. Her growth has never taken a downward slope.

Her asset would be Arts. Her incredible talent for painting. Her passion has led her to learn and master the famous Chinese Painting. She is indeed well accustomed herself to the culture of China due to her open mindedness and self improvement. It is fascinating to see how she has come a long way and improved impeccably which has made her a fighter or a warrior to the various atrocities life has to offer. Due to which I strongly suggest her for the title as she truly deserves it.