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An orientation session was conducted recently for the new batch of 2018 MBBS students in the presence of our Honorable Dean Prof. Yuand other respected staff members. The purpose of the session was not only informative but also interactive.Prof. Yuwelcomed us wholeheartedly and encouraged us by explaining the Motto of Jinan University that isLOYALITY, SINCERITY and INTEGRITY.

The students got to know the curriculum for the next session and moreover got an opportunity to interact with fellow students. During the session, Russi Singhfrom MBBS 2015 batch was called on stage and we facilitated for his academic achievements. He was kind enough to share some important life lessons with the new batch.The students were advised to know more about Chinese culture, food, people and not only confine their efforts to achieve academic milestones.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” said by Jim Rohn, but made us understand by Ms. Jiajia. She informed us about all the rules of University’s dorms and college.“OPPORTUNITIES DON’T HAPPEN. ONE CREATES THEM” was very well explained by Ms. Jiajia.

A general election was conducted for the position of Monitor, Life, Academics, Sports and Entertainment.Students willing to take the responsibility voluntarily came on stage and put forth their ideas and plans for the betterment of their fellow students.

Finally, wewould like to show ourgratitude and hearty thanks to Respected Dean and other Staff members for the perfect logistic support and guidance. Also,weextend my thanks to Russi, the star student for his cooperation in this orientation. Overall it was a healthy session for one and all and we are looking forward to attend more such sessions which will strengthen our bond with other students and make us aware about the great Chinese culture.




Writer:Yu Jiajia

Photos: Yu Jiajia