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2018 Chinese Corner

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2018 Chinese Corner

On December 2nd, a terrific cultural feast called Chinese Corner was held on the Culture Square beside Seaweed life shop in Panyu campus. Students in charge of this activity woke up early this morning and got well prepared. Around 9 am., the activity started and crowds of people poured into this square to take part in it.

( OD & LAD )

At the beginning, Organization Department and Life Affairs& Communication Department of the Student Union prepared a short dance to warm up the atmosphere. And then Mr. Deng Yongzhong made a speech, hoping that students of Jinan University could spread Chinese culture to people all over the world. Then AIA addressed to convey their best wishes after the speech. Later, all the guests took a group photo together as a souvenir.

After the opening speeches came the fantastic shows performed by 9 classes of International School. Each class had to spread traditional culture of a certain nationality of China through its show. In CST’s show, “Why Flowers Are So Red”, members danced to show the life of Uygur. FNC performed an intriguing drama called “The Red Kapok Flower” and told a story about the wisdom of Li nationality. IET members prepared a lively drama with dance element, introducing some simple customs of Chaoxian nationality.

The Hui Girl, a song and dance drama performed by IJ, commendably exhibited the Hui culture. FQS arranged an interesting drama called Harem Competition, which showed the life of Manchus in Qing Dynasty. Some foreigners from MBBS performed Indian dance in their show. To show the wild folkway of Mongolia, CPA students had prepared an enthusiastic dance show called Gobi Echo. And the last two shows were the dance of Zhuang performed by PHA and CM’s dance called Auspicious and Blessing; exhibited traditional customs of Zhuang nationality and Tibet respectively.

Having enjoyed the visual feast provided by the nine classes, the food carnival was about to begin. An eating contest, which was divided into male group and female group, was held at 11:30am. on the stage. All the participants tried their best to eat as much as possible in 10 minutes for the first prize. After the intense contest, the MCs declared the winners and awarded a testimonial to each winner. Affected by the competitors, people under the stage took active part in booth games to collect stamps for food in the booths. Everyone in the square seemed to have great fun with laughter bursting out loudly in air. And in the next part, each class chose a representative to introduce and judge the traditional food. The representatives talked about their unique insights about food and the audience could learn a lot from their introduction.

Finally, the Chinese Corner came to its end around 3 pm. and MCs announced the ranking of each class and organized a small award presentation. CST won the Best Organization Award; MBBS won the Best Group Award; FNC won the Best Participation Award. FQS, CM, and CPA won the third prize; IJ and IET won the second prize; and the first prize this year belongs to PHA!

The Chinese Corner showed national culture and spirit to every participant; it also appealed to the new generation to inherit and spread Chinese traditional custom, hoping students of Jinan University can undertake the responsibility of spreading Chinese culture all over the world.

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