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 I am Dr.VimalaThiyagarajan, from Jinan University, MBBS 2011 Batch.I have cleared my FMGE in my first attempt with the score of 210.

I will just share my experiences about this exam but the basic principle is you have to find your own methods of learning.First of all, we should try to understand the subjects well, because most of the time these mcqs are not direct, they are mainly concept based. Many of my friends are saying that they read well, still they could not solve the mcqs. For this, you need more practice of solving mcqs. Moreover, don’t be afraid to make mistakes during your preparation time. You will come across many different types of mcqs during our 5 years MBBS course in Jinan just utilize those, it will be off great help.


I used solve mcqs for some basic subjects just to get a grip over it. Our favourite teacher Dr.Navaz made to solve plenty of USMLE mcqs and we discussed many complicated topics in his classes which made our basics very strong. Dr.Yang Jing, our internal medicine teacher who makes us to apply all concepts to solve the questions that trained us to apply all logics in a quick way. But its based on your interest, itdoes not mean that to pass this exam you should have started your preparation from first year.





   The best way to prepare for FMGE or PG Exam is to solve more mcqs along withnotes. It’s very common to make mistakes while solving the questions for first time, but learn to correct the mistakes and read the explanations also, why it is wrong and why not other 3 options?. Moreover those 3 options also somehow related with that particular question, by doing this you can solve any questions related to that particular topic.

Moreover, now the FMGE standard is kind of high for any foreign medical graduates according to the reviews.Better take it in a positive way,think that you’re preparing for a PG exam and just do it rather than blaming the exam system and getting disappointed.

Do not follow the mark distribution and skip any subjects that is the worst idea. In the paper which I have got,there was around some 17 to 18 questions from radiology which was supposed to be 5 from radiology and radiodiagnosis 5, but in real all CT, MRI, X-RAY and USG pictures. Around 21 questions from biochemistry and some 4 or 5 questions from anatomy and etc. which is just don’t match with the FMGE guidelines. ‘This December 14th,2016 FMGE exam was known as the most difficult exam till now since this is the first time that NBE board takes over the FMGE exam from MCI.

  There are 2 ways of solving mcqs.First one is like, reading some topics and solving some mcqs on that topic,which will give you more clarity and will add up some important points which you missed from notes or from standard textbooks. For example, if you’re reading about appendicitis in surgery try to solve the maximum number of mcqs from that topic that will definitely add a few more points beyond your readings, Moreover, will make your concepts very clear so that, you can remember it for longer time. Likewise, you can it for other topics and subject.



If you are strong in your basics which means you have spent good amount of time in reading the subjects from textbooks during your college life. In that case you don’t have to join a coaching classes unless if you feel you can’t read at home or alone. But, if you have not read from books during your course joining MBBS,please do join a coaching where you get simplified notes.So that you can read the needed ones in and start solving mcqs.

Donot join any coaching just because it is famous. Moreover every coaching centres have their own advantages and disadvantages.

 I heard from many students that 6 months is not enough to read and revise the DIAMS notes but these notes will give you extensive information and may help for your PG as well. Whereas I joined MIST Hyderabad provided me many wonderful classes butthe disadvantage was they skipped few subjects and some subjects were incomplete.

 some classes were keep on getting cancelled, which disappointed me during my preparation .But MIST provided us more number of tests and comparatively their classes are more focussed on important topics. So, in the remaining time you can do your own preparation like solving mcqs and revising notes etc.,but MIST ,Delhi provides you a hassle free classes as far as I consider the review from previous batch students. There are many morecentres, since these two are more spoken among students I have mentioned about this.

These are purely based on Individual choices since we all have our own way of preparation. Do not expect any centres to spoon-feed you that is impossible and you are not kids anymore. They will just teach but the 100 percent effort should be from your side to clear this exam.

Even if you don’t want to join any coaching centre also, still you can clear your FMGE Exam. But you have to be very determined keep studying and solving MCQS without much distractions. Especially, your friends who joined in a famous centres will bring your confidence down by discussing about their classes and etc. So, if you are decided to read on your own don’t discuss anything apart from doubts about subjects.


        I was asked by many fmge students about my preparation, books that I have followed? , which coaching institutes to join? , weather an average can pass this exam? And tips to easily pass this exam?. According to me anyone can pass this exam with focussed preparation.

       Some students ask for more suggestions from many people and try to follow all of them.Even during my preparation ,when I have called some of old friends and  relatives they were asking me why did I join in Hyderabad,because Delhi has good centres ,only students from Delhi centres clearing the exams. This is absolutely wrong rather you have to stay in a comfortable environment.

 Don’t try grab all the books whichever other students are reading.Don’t be greedy. Of course for few subjects you can choose different books but don’t every time keep on asking what book they are reading then trying to buy that book from market starting all new things. Just one or 2 books are enough to solve questions because almost 70 to 80 percent questions are same in all books.

  Moreover, try to consider each test during your FMGE preparation are like real fmge exam, you should at least score50 percent in each test, no matter whether you prepared or not prepared. If you focussed in classes you can do this easily.




I used to solve mcqs from different sources like from Facebook, Crack Pg,NEET-PG,PREP-PG and what’s app groups etc. I will try to apply the concept what I know about that topic then eliminate and extract the answer. First of all for any exam preparation you have to prepare yourself to face anything without fear.I used to read explanation from USMLE Q banks which gives you a clear idea about how to approach a mcqs. During those 5 months of preparation I just followed Deepak Marwah to solve mcqs and remember don’t expect the same question to be repeated in your exams. These Fmge books had many mistakes for that you have to clarify it on your own.


              Please keep your last week as a hassle free one before exam .That is the most important time for all of us. Generally we tend to read a lot at that time. But to face this kind of exams you need peaceful mind since you have to apply the basic concepts not just to write what you mugged up.

  Moreover the 14th December paper was really shocking to everyone. Hence the NEET-PG paper on December 7th was easier than the FMGE exams. You understand by reading many FMGE and PG coaching centres review. So, hereafter the better way to prepare is to understand the contents well and apply those and solve the paper.

 Get a sound sleep at nightespecially start this habitat least a week before xam. I did a blunder in this, I hardly slept for 2 hours before exam which gave me an unbearable headache on the day of examination. Somehow, I managed to write the exam in a better way. Sleep is almost equal to your preparation because we all know that short term memory are converted into long-termmemory only during sound sleep.






        Comparing to universities in China as well as in other foreign countries, only Jinan provides the best teachers. Especially teachers from India, Pakistan and Nepal they very well know about the competitive exams in India. So, they can guide us well. I have met many students who have passed without these advantages, hence we should crack this exam without a doubt.



Dr.Navaz sir’s exams really made us very clear with concepts. All the USMLE questions which we solved during his lectures as well as for exams has made a strong foundation.Dr.Kannan and Dr.Mohan sir’s lectures gave us basic concepts in physiology. Likewise Dr.Sahul and Dr.Jamila mam made us to read from Text books.Dr.Varun sir clearly taught how to approach radiology those 16 marks from radiology purely belongs to his lectures.DR.Ramesh sir made the foundation for emergency medicine in a simplified way. Dr.Anushree mam in our first year encouraged us to read from text books. I take this chance to thank all my teachers who played important role in my preparation and MY BIG THANKS TO JINAN UNIVERSITY.

  From this one simple concept is read for your knowledge, not just to pass the exam and prefer to read from text books. Solve mcqs as much as possible.

During the 5 years of college there are so many ups and downs but finally we have to overcome all those. Even during our preparation you don’t expect a pleasant stay, there may be lot of troubles and disturbances but you should stay focussed and clear this exam. I hope to see all Jinanians passing this exams without much struggles.