Community Activity – A Leisurely Break

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March 25th, 2017, community activity was held by Organization Department of ISLCSU in Haizhu Wetland and Redtory.




MC. Christy and Xavier introduced today’s plan in Haizhu Wetland around 9’o clock. They said community activity could be divided into two parts. Moreover, there was a big rule in this day. All participants should not say ‘I, we, our, me, mine, and ours’. If they say those words, they need to have a clothespin and they can give it to other person who says those words.



In the first part, there were three main games. The first one was called ‘Do What I Say’. Each group stood a circle and ties each one’s hands with both sides of member’s hands. Then, they needed to do what MC said.




The second one was called ‘Exchange Your Name’. Also, they made a circle and each one of members should have their right side person’s name and each leader of groups asked them some questions. Then, the person who had that name should answer it.



The last one was NPC game. Each group needed to follow the map which OD gave to them and play six mini games. They were guessing what they touch while covering eyes, assuming what member draw by using mouth, and imagining what members expressed by using action. And also, they played following NPC’s order with “Teacher says”, considering a word by asking other members some questions about that words, and Q&A about Leifeng.



After eating pizza for lunch, in order to continue second part, they moved to Redtory (Red factory). In the second part, they played “Running Man” in Redtory. Each one had a paper of their name on their back and each group tried to find other group’s members. At the same time, each group needed to find SPY in their group. After game was over, each SPY and people who had a clothespin at the end of this activity performed punishment.



In this day, we interviewed two people, Anwar from 15IET and Cathy from 16CPA. They said this activity was really wonderful and perfect. Although they thought it was raining all day, rain stopped soon. Moreover, there was nothing bad and nothing OD need to fix or improve. They also made many new friends and their group members also helped each other a lot.



Finally, all activities that OD elaborately prepared were successfully finished. We hoped everyone got a memorable day and they must make many new friends. In addition, we sincerely thanked OD for preparing such a perfect activity.





Photographer|Derrick Yuki

Editor|Arvin  Almitra