2017 English Evening

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  Tired of the wet weather, whether you should bid farewell to spring tired, ushered in the vibrant summer light years? Mysterious Ganges water, ancient pyramids, three musketeers, emperor's new clothes ... Egypt, India, China and other nine countries of the world as you travel! We will soon be ushered in by the International School of nine professional actors and actress brought the English Evening drama of the wonderful performance! Not much to say,  please invite Pippi shrimp presented nine professional EE notice.




PHA | China

For Her


Since ancient times heroes love beauty, since the ancient courage who gets embrace. Han Dynasty princess stay in the boudoir to be married, and see how Zhao Chen two sons wits against each other, and ultimately who is holding the beauty of the return? Please look forward!

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FNC | Japan

Himura Kenshin,The Wandering Swordsman


Sword is heartless,but heart is the opposite, the first swordman of Meiji Restoration Kenshin's line of life chivalry but suffered fake kinship slander to kill. Dead end of the infamous occasion and see how to fight the heart of life to interpret the definition of pull Jianzhai.

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IET | France

Script of The Three Musketeers


Origin, hedgehog, rose.Man contests, women is the key of victory. Three musketeers, interpretation of a legend. 17th century French's ruling class infighting, intrigues, are presented under the screen. In the interpretation of the IET, there will be what kind of fun?

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CST | Danmark

The Emperor The Mirror and The Witch


Obsessed with the beauty of the emperor spent countless money but only to buy countless beautiful fantasy cheats, and see how his daughter Catherine see the lie and save her father, welcome CST brings “the emperor's new clothes”.

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The Revenge of the Hamlet


The nature of the good, the will of the firm, eager to revenge, Hamlet is naive, simple, but also happy. Shakespeare's ability is that he is free from the ancient god of the deification of the law, he wrote Hamlet. Thousands of people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet, out of the book Hamlet will be what kind of image?

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CM | Greece



Reality and mythology intertwined, love and reason blending, gold apple is no longer the year of the golden apple, but God is still wandering in the world, when the Pandora magic box fell into the hands of mortals, gods collide with the new era of human. What kind of fun will happen?

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IJ | Egypt

Grandma Audry's Story Time


The mysterious country of the Nile Egypt why always in the Nile flooding singing and dancing? how many glorious and tragic pasts the master of Osils has ever written? Let us go to Egypt with IJ, into Osils.

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MBBS | India

Namaste India


Baltic luxury buds suddenly dazzling, like a new moon, bright red color, like woodland and spring meet. In this kingdom, God is in the hearts of everyone, and the faith supports them. When namaste, all dust gone away, leaving only a touch of devotion. MBBS wants to explain to us about India, what would it be?

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Bohemia Rhapsody


Dream of the country, the capital of freedom. The United States, a country built on the Constitution, there is no dream can not be achieved in this land, the dream wings flying in the sky, all the time to tell the world, as long as you chase, you will finally harvest. Is this a real life, or a dream?

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