President and First Deputy Secretary Election Debate Assembly of 13th ISLCSU

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On the evening of May 28th, 2013, the 13th International School League Committee and Student Union President and First Deputy Secretary Election Debate Assembly was successfully held in the R316 of the Second Social Sciences Building. Guests included, Mr. He Xiaoyong, Wen Lixia, He Dongfeng, Mrs. Sun Qiyun, members of the standing committee, and student representatives.

The hosts introduced the guests and then, after the playing of the school anthem, Mr. Wen Lixia and Ellen both made a speech, expressing their expectations for the assembly.
Then, the hosts introduced the candidates: Presidential candidate, Mark Ma and First Deputy Secretary candidate, Jane Chen. The debate assembly was divided into six sections: self-introduction, compulsory questions, interactive questions from the guests and teachers, candidates’ group discussion, interactive questions from the audience, and self-conclusion. First the two candidates stated their beliefs and policies with the assistance of PPTs or videos. After candidates’ group discussion, the interactive questioning from audience began. Aimed at different candidate, the audience raised their questions. Candidates answer their questions with patience.
Finally, the two candidates made a brief conclusion about their performance. With the applause from the audience, the assembly came to an end.

Written by Student Congress
Photo by Jessie
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