The Peer Sharing Session--Portrait Landscaping Ideas And Tone Adjustment

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 On October 20th 2016, the lecture “Portrait landscaping ideas and tone adjustment” started at 6:30P.M in N233 classroom of south campus’ teaching building.



The lecturer named Chen Jiajie is from our International School, who is good at photographing. So today, he came to the peer sharing session again to teach us some useful skills about photography in late of portrait. These skills might help us to be more familiar with photography.



Almost half past six, most students came to the classroom waiting for the lecture. We could feel that each of them had great expectation for the lecture. Soon after, the lecture started in a joyful atmosphere.



The theme of this sharing session was thinking of beautifying portrait and adjustment of color. He firstly started the idea of photography in late. Then he described some concepts of liquidation, hue, chromatic circle, shadow and so on. “Pre-service, optimizing the lack early” was his own thought of photography in late. After that, he told us the details of each abstract concept and showed us how to operate them. He thought it’s not that you want what the photo will look like, but which style is suitable for the photo.



The next part was interaction between the lecturer and us. He asked us to try taking photos, and he would edit the pictures taken by us personally. All of the students took an active part in the interaction.



Finally, all of us took a beautiful big group photo together. We all benefited a lot from today’s sharing session and got many useful skills of photography. Let’s have fun in taking photos and record every beautiful moment of life.


Written by Hanlin Hong, Liwei Zheng

Photographed by Haiyan Hu

Edited by Almitra Lee