The 16th Opening Ceremony of ISLCSU

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 On October 15,2016, the ISLCSU hosted an opening ceremony in the main campus.



  At the beginning of the meeting,all of the members stood up and sang the school song.  Party deputy secretary of International School, Liu Ming, teachers of International School, Sun Qiyun, He Dongfeng, Chen Hai, presidents of International School Student Congress and leaders of other schools’ student union presented at the meeting. 




Mr. Liu Min gave us an interesting and passionate speech, expressing his welcome and expectations to the new members of ISLCSU. Then Mr. Chen Hai gave us another speech, which put forward two principles for ISLCSU in the future work. The first principleis working hard, and the second is high efficiency.Next, the president of ISLCSU, Sheila,delivered a speech.With a description of her experiences and feelings of ISLCSU in her past three years, she conveyed her best wishes to the new members.The first deputy secretary of International School, Yuki, also gave us a speech. After speeches, the host invited guests to take pictures and sent them off.






After a 10 minutes’ break, the presidium issued the letter of appointment to all the 10 departments. Then, the heads of each department expressed their love to new members and encouraged them with emotion. At the end of the meeting, some representatives of new members shared their feelings of being members of the student union with others.






The opening ceremony ended in a satisfactory way and opened a new chapter for all of the members. Now,it’s a new beginning! Wish all of you a happy time in the coming year!


Photographed&written by MJD

Edited by Almitra Lee