Welcome Party

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 In the dusk of September 25, 2016,International school league committee and student union organized a welcome party for freshmen in the library lounge of the south campus. The freshmen checked in with an excited high five with our senior students. Background music filled the whole atmosphere with enthusiasm.



Party began with a game named “0.5 and 1 yuan”, freshmen were teamed up to meet the quantity requirement of “2.5 yuan” or “10 yuan”, from the MC People. Whoever lost the battle, need to accept punishment on the stage. After this game, the excellent performance by Deng Wenxin  added flavor to the party.



And then, freshmen were divided into 10 groups according to the number on their ticket, so that they can find their team leader respectively. They became familiar with each other after their self- introduction session. The first group game required them to pass a tennis by their shoulder. It was funny because students made strange poses to balance the ball on their shoulder. Next game was “write by butt”, the other member will guess the letter according to the action and spell a word. The library was filled with laugh and zeal.



In the next progress, team leaders have drawn dots to decide which part of the body the group member should use to clamp balloon. Quickly to the whistler’s signal, the students rushed to the terminal in pairs and broke the balloon. Moreover, the last team has also received encouragement from all the audiences.



After the balloon games, the Hip-hop community performance attracted everyone’s attention, which passed on the fascination of college association to freshmen. And then, the last game---be your backup began. Group member passed the requirement items to the persons on the terminal and dressed them up as opposite sex to prepare for the catwalk.



Steadily, the gaming session has winded up. A picturesque group image was captured. And a warm wavy goodbye wished to the freshmen.



Thanks to the freshmen for their presence and participation in the welcome party. We hope that it will be a wonderful memory for all of you that is cherished all way long.



Besides, thanks for the sponsor from the WeiXue Education.


Written by ISLCSU

Revised by Neha

Edited by Almitra Lee