English Orientation Camp Class

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 On September 22th, freshmen of International School had their first English Orientation Camp Class.



With the inspiring school song, freshmen entered the O Camp place. The atmosphere turned active after the command by our MCs, “make some noises”



After learning the “love encouragement”, comprising the rhythmic clap and the team etiquette, all of them were asked to make a circle, keeping boys in the inner circle and covering the outer circle by girls. Completing the warm-up game, the freshmen were divided into 16 teams by allocating a team member to each team.



The first game was Human Pyramid. A best way of making them familiar with their fellow mates. Their friendship was taken to next level, with the game “solving the knot”, They have also designed their own modeling, discussed the Slogan, and then displayed it.




After selecting the new team leaders, the old leaders conferred school badges of Jinan University to them. While the freshmen of each teams helped each other to adorn badges. The atmosphere turned warm and happening.




Then, our lovely freshmen faced a challenge, named “walking hand in hand”. Each member had to hold a pencil with their index finger and rush to the terminal. With the command of MCs, they have given their best.. The game “Haste for 60 seconds” was to test the vision and team work ability.




Being seniors, Mei and Liu Faqian shared their experiences in the past three years and have also given tips on life and study balances, which was applauded by everyone. Next, some of the freshmen shared their feelings about today’s activity and their expectation of the coming four years’ college life.





At the end of O Camp, every freshmen was provided with a piece of card and asked to write something for future reference. In the meantime, a video was taken by MJD and PITD that has called for everybody’s attention, to record the ongoing activities.



O Camp of International School ended with cheerful chatting and laughing. All of us believe that our freshmen have made lots of friends through today’s games and communications and have also experienced the unique charm of International School!


Written by ISLCSU

Revised by Neha

Edited by Almitra Lee