Welcome Ceremony

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 September 20, 2016 has been marked as the start of new journey for the freshmen of International School. A warm welcome ceremony was arranged in the South Campus.



The Vice Dean of International School, Mr. Wu, raised a toast to welcome the freshmen. He has given a brief introduction of the guests present in the Ceremony followed by the solemn National Anthem.



Thereafter, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and vice president, Mr. Deng, delivered a speech, highlighting the core values and opportunities offered by the International School to enhance the students’ interpersonal skills.



Forward to that, Mirallam IET’16, on behalf of all the Jinanians, shared his overwhelming experiences that he had in the school. He has thrown some light on the college life and the pleasure of studying in China.



In continuation, Zhang Qiaobo, FNC’13, shared her bundle of experiences collected in the past three years. She has also explained the time management to get along with the School life. In a nutshell, she concluded her speech by declaring the International School as a warm and united family, which is special and different from other schools.



The event continued with an inspiring speech by Tom Moran, International Teacher. He shared his views on self-motivation and the way of leading a positive life.



Later, a teachers’ introductory class has taken place. They have discussed the growth and overall development of the students in the international school along with their expectations from the freshmen.



Wishing them all a great time in Jinan University!!!


Written by ISLCSU

Revised by Neha

Edited by Almitra Lee