The Day of Registration

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On September 19th ,2016, Jinan University welcomed our freshmen’2016. The day of registration, which is also the beginning of their Jinan Life.The teachers, students from International School League Committee and Student Union and Student Congress of International School completed the register work successfully, after a tiring schedule all day. Luckily, we were accompanied by the principal of Jinan University, Hu Jun and we danced together which was refreshing for us.



In the morning, our International School’s teachers, the member of International School League Committee and Student Union and Student Congress visited the main campus and south campus. They started checking all the arrangements like testing the computer setup and other supplies for the registration to be carried out smoothly



At 8 o’clock, the registration started. With the help of Volunteers, the freshmen were able to locate their respective schools. Of course, our cute freshmen hush into our International School’s arms. The International School’s stalls were arranged with colorful and beautiful decorative arts. The Flags of all nations hanged beside the queue representing our professionalism and vitality, and our cheerful music and wonderful dancing attracted others’ sight.



Because our International School have plenty of students from abroad, in order to provide them an easy access and better communication during registration, we set up a special passageway for the non-mainland students, for the students from HongKong, Taiwan, Macau and overseas, so that they can finish the registration quickly. Also resolving their queries without any hassle.



By 10 o’clock, almost everyone have finished the registration process. They also received their freshmen gift packs and along with a bear tattoo. Later, they have been guided towards their respective dorms. The enthusiasm from the “old guys” of International School let our freshmen and parents feel the warmth of International School.



Continuous support and guidance for the registration work, was provided by the principal of Jinan University and the president and teachers of International School.



Finally, the registration finished successfully, the freshmen completed their first day in university and settled down in their respective dormitory. In the coming 10 days of freshmen training camp, many surprises are awaiting. Hope our newbies can participate actively and enjoy themselves!



Written by ISLCSU

Revised by Neha

Edited by Almitra Lee