Open your college door, Shine your youth!

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   On September 8, 2013, the freshmen of JNU successfully completed teamwork training as part of the Orientation Camp. This training was held in the Sir Run Run Gymnastic in the afternoon and the evening. Because of the new and very different university environment, most of the new students took the opportunity to attend the training, excited to make some new friends.

After a few minutes , the training began. The emcee gathered all the students in front of the stage, giving them a warm welcome. Then some instructors showed them the gestures of pause, delay, finish and encouragement in order for the team activities to proceed effectively.

    Firstly, all the freshmen stood in two circles hand in hand, moving in an inverse direction. Then 15 instructors divided them into 15 groups. Immediately they began the first activities. The teams worked in cooperation and together modeled ‘sunlight’ and ‘2013’. These two models represented the International School students from all around the world who shine as brightly as the sunlight.

The next activity was each group’s slogan. Every group chose their group leader and under his/her guidance, they put their heads together and thought about their model and slogan. All the groups then presented their slogans on the stage one after the other. Different groups had different features, but they all showed their intelligence and became closer in their friendship. After that the freshmen took out their papers, wrote down their expectations and wishes, and then attached them to the wishing tree.

In the following hour, we all played some games together in a humorous and harmonious atmosphere. In the break time, a senior student of the International School gave a brief talk about his day-to-day life in the International School. During the training, members of the Student Union made a video about the meaningful training, the smiles and the fun that were had. Then, the leader of the Student’s Affairs Office and the Dean of the International School came to visit the freshmen, gave speeches and took photos with them. This showed that the school viewed this training as very important.

Finally, the training came to an end. Accompanied by the rhythm of the music, all of us danced with each other and enjoyed ourselves. The training had finished, now it was time for the freshmen to stand up for themselves; to begin their new chapter.

Written by Huang Yong,Shi Guangyu
Photo by ISLCSU
Revised by Raewyn
Edited by Andy