Jinan University Library Guideline

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1.      Admission by Campus ID card only. New users shall carry valid a Campus ID card to register at the designated spot inside the library for the first use.

2.      Postgraduates, students of base classes and excellent students can borrow 10 Chinese books for a loan period of 60 days. Other students can borrow five Chinese books for 30 days. Postgraduates can borrow five foreign language books for 60 days. Other students can borrow two foreign books for 30 days. Both Chinese and foreign language books can be renewed once for 20 days.

3.      The Book Safety Monitoring System is installed within the library. Borrowers shall go through procedures and leave the library through the monitoring passage.

4.      Borrowed books and other items should be used with care and returned by the date due. It is not tolerated to annotate or scribble on books. Neither is it allowed to stain, cut, tear up, or losing and stealing books. Violators will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

5.      Computers, printers and other library facilities for reference information service should be used with care and consideration and in accordance with relevant management regulations. They cannot not be used for other purposes or damaged

6.      Readers can use free digital resources via the library website. All users shall abide by relevant laws and regulations. Malicious download and damaging activities of any kind are not tolerated.

7.      Readers should help to protect public property and cooperate to maximize the availability of library seats.

8.      Library must be kept quiet and clean. Food and drinks are not allowed to bring inside the library. Spitting, littering, smoking and cooking are strictly prohibited.

9.      Readers shall abide by relevant regulations and obey instructions of the managerial personnel in reading room and stack room. Abuse of Libraries policies may result in the suspension of library card, fines or circulating criticism. Those who deliberately cause disturbance will be sent to the Security Section for further punishment.

10.  Graduates must return all the borrowed items before handling graduation procedures and leaving the University.

Website: http://libgp.jnu.edu.cn/