The Implementation Methods of “the Student Physique Health Standard (on trial)” Issued by the Ministry of Education and the National General Administration of Sports

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1.      The implementation of the Standard is carried out under the leadership of the MOE and the State General Administration of Sports, the administration of education administrative departments at various levels, and the guidance of sports administrative department at various levels. Schools are responsible for its implementation and data pertinent to the Standard shall be collected and reported to the higher authorities by all schools and education administrative departments shall in accordance with the unified planning and requirement of the MOE and the SGAS.

2.      It is imperative to implement the Standard under the leadership of headmaster (president) and with the cooperation of office (department) of teaching affairs, sports teaching and research section (sports group), school hospital (clinic), department of student work, and instructors and teachers in charge of class. To avoid needless duplication, it is necessary to incorporate Standard tests and student physical examination. Test results shall be collected by sports teaching and research sections (sports groups), evaluated with points and grades in accordance with the Standard, and recorded in the Student Physical Health Standard Registration Card and student’s archives upon graduation.

3.      Students are entitled to be selected as “Three Good Student” (an honorary title for students who are good in study, attitude and health) and rewarded with scholarship (for institutions of higher learning only) provided they are evaluated as Good or higher grades in accordance with the Standard. Students with Grade Excellence are entitled to win bonus credit points (for institutions of higher learning and schools that carry out new senior high school curricula standard on trial). Students who fail to pass Standard tests will be given only ONE chance to take a make-up examination in that school year and those who fail to pass the make-up examination will be evaluated as NOT PASS for that school year. Students whose Standard test results reach 60 upon graduation will be judged as PASS and granted to graduate. For students of institutions of higher learning, those whose Standard test results are evaluated as NOT PASS will be treated as incompletion of study.

4.      Methods of Points Rewarding and Reduction

1)      Students with one of the following circumstances will be rewarded with 5 points. Points can be rewarded accumulatively in different items:

a.       Those who participate in physical training earnestly and whose attendance rate of morning exercises, setting-up exercises during the break and after-class physical training exceeds 98%.

b.      Those with graded athlete titles;

c.       Those who win places (prizes) in sports competitions at the school level or higher;

d.      Student sports cadres who work earnestly in organizing various kinds of sports activities.

2)      Students will be evaluated as NOT PASS and their Standard results cannot exceed 59 for that school year in case that their unauthorized absence from PE classes, morning exercises, exercises during the break and after-class physical trainings accumulatively exceed 1/10 of the stipulated attendance rates in one year or their sick or compassionate leave accumulatively exceeds 1/3 of the stipulated attendance rates in that school year.

5.      Students who are ill or disabled can be exempt from fulfilling the Standard provided their exemption application to the school (university) are verified by doctors and approved by the sports teaching and research section (sports group) concerned. Forms filled (see attached form 7) shall be kept in student’s archives.

6.      Education and sports administrative departments must be serious in inspection and supervision of the Standard implementation by local schools at all levels, carry out select examinations and report situations on a regular basis. Any units who practice fraud or cheat for private benefits will be criticized and those with serious cases will be punished with administrative disciplinary measures.

7.      Testing instruments used by all schools must meet the test and examination standards of state quality administrations to ensure that the Standard is implemented on a scientific, accurate, and convenient basis. Favorable conditions shall be created to facilitate the use of computer technology in pursuit of a scientific and modernized management. 

8.      “The University (College) Student Physical Education Standard”, “the Secondary School Students Physical Education Standard”, “the Primary School Students Physical Education Standard” shall cease to effect when the Standard comes into force in schools at all levels. The Standard test results will be used as the results of “the National Physical Training Standard”.

9.      Education administrative departments of each province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government can formulate specific implementation methods in accordance with the Implementation Methods.

10.  The MOE is responsible for the explanation of the Methods.