Swimming Pool Regulations

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1. The swimming pool is open. Admission by ticket only. Users shall buy tickets by producing a Swimming Card, which is valid that year and issued by both the University Clinic and the Department of Sports. Those who use the deep-water pool must apply for a Deep-Water Pool Pass. The maxim capacity of the pool is no more than three hundred persons.

2. Admission will be refused to those who are not suitable for swimming or have communicable diseases. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by their guardians for admission to the pool area. All persons using the pool area do so at their own risk and sole responsibility.

3. The Swimming Card cannot be altered or loaned to another individual. All swimmers must produce and claim their own Cards upon entering and leaving the pool. No one can enter the pool without permission. Violators will be held responsible for all actions of their own.

4. Swimmers must follow designated routes to enter and leave the pool area and get into and out of the swimming pool at designated spots. Swimmers shall keep to the right of the lane and cannot sit on waters lines.

5. Before entering the pool, swimmers must take a shower to clean their hair, feet and the whole body. Swimmers must wear clean and dark-colored swimming suits. It is not allowed to enter the pool wearing swimming suits made of light and thin fabrics. Swimmers shall refrain from spiting, spouting of water, washing within the pool and similar unhealthy actions. Female swimmers with long hair shall wear a swimming hat within the pool.

6. Users should obey instructions and behave decently to ensure a safe and clean pool environment. They should avoid running, pushing, wrestling, diving, photo/video taking, or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool area.

7. Swimmers shall use public pooling facilities with care. No borrowing of any public equipments and facilities is allowed without authorized permission. The responsible party shall compensate in full in case of property loss or damage. Swimmers shall take good care of their personal properties and be responsible for the loss or damage of their own property.

8. Failure to comply with the present Regulations will be considered a sufficient cause for action. Violators will be criticized, suspended of the card, deprived of the use of pool area, or sent to the University Security Section for further treatment in accordance with the seriousness of the case