2015 Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program

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The 1 2 1 Program, organized and administrated by CCIEE and AASCU, is a new form of international educational cooperation with two-way student and faculty exchanges between Chinese and American universities. CCIEE and AASCU select qualified universities (public) to participate in the program.  For Undergraduate study: Freshmen are selected from Chinese partner universities to spend their second and third year at one of the U.S. partner universities. They return to their home universities for the fourth year to complete the program for both universities. Qualified students will receive diplomas and bachelor degree from both Chinese and U.S. universities

For application and general inquiry please contact 85222738, or come to our office room 317 second social science building in office time. Applications close: January 24, 2015.