Dear Distinguished Guests,
Dear Vice President, Professor
Dear Dean of the college, Dr. Tang,
Dear my all colleagues.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is an important day for us to found a Teachers Club lecturing in English. It is an honour for me to give a speech here.
On this occasion, at first, I wish to give so much thanks to the administrations of the University and the International College, as yours strong supporting and promoting, we can found the Club today. In the second, the thanks should give to all volunteers, my colleagues, yours participates let the Club found and will be more active in the future.
Today we have passed the regulation of the Club, and selected the first Club Committee of the organization. We will follow the regulations to develop ours work.
The Club is a platform to all professors teaching courses in English. On this platform we can communicate, exchange ideas, make friends and share ours experiences in teaching.
Jinan University is one of Internationalization universities in China. Every year so many young people get into our university from deferent countries and areas. They want to absorb new knowledge, also want to get a deeper understanding to the different nations, so that teaching in English is our important duty. We need to promote ours teaching abilities and to ensure the quality of the teaching. I believe that ours Club will pay an important role in the education. For that, we will conduct a plan to organize some activities in every semester and welcome everybody to take part in the active and get enjoy.

Thanks so much.