Regulations of Teachers Club Lecturing in-English, Jinan University

1. General Principles

1.1 The formal name of the club is “Teachers Club Lecturing in-English ”.
1.2 This club is a non-governmental organization, members of which are faculty who take interest in teaching in English in our university.
1.3 Purpose of this club: as a platform for teaching in English in Jinan University, in the form of lectures, discussions and forums, is to create opportunities for faculty members teaching in English to get to know each other, build up friendship, and promote teaching skills.

2. Rules

2.1 Composition of Members
2.1.1 The Standing Committee of Teaching-in-English Club of Jinan University
Is composed of representatives of teachers who teach in International School, Jinan University.
2.1.2 Members of Teaching-in-English Club, Jinan University
1. Teachers who has Jinan University English teaching certificate can become club members automaticly.
2. Teachers who are currently teaching in International School, Jinan University in English, become members automatically.
3. Other Staff of Jinan University can become members of this Club following application and approval.

2.2 Activities
Take part in and organize a variety of activities including qualification verification for teaching in English, quality appraisal for courses taught in English, training of teaching in English, discussions on teaching in English, recognition and encouragement for excellent teachers teaching in English, teaching experience sharing, exchanges over teaching in English in and out of the university, faculty sodality in the form of cafe and afternoon tea.
Members are encouraged, on a voluntary basis, to organize the foresaid activities, free will offerings locale and outlay. Students are also welcomed as volunteers. Club need institute activity scheme every semester.

2.3 Fundamental Rights
2.3.1 Members would take part in all the activities related to teaching in English organized by the Club.
2.3.2 Members have the right to monitor,criticize,advise all club’s activities and purpose and to table a proposal
2.3.3 Members are free to have access to teaching material, books and other documents provided by the club, and issue messages on the Club’s website.
2.3.4 Members have the right to quiet from the Club.

2.4 Basic Obligations
2.4.1 Members should adhere to the Regulations for English Teaching Club, Jinan University.
2.4.2 Members should maintenance the image and reputation of the Club, and extend brand image of club.
2.4.3 Members should report to the Club achievements and problems, and supply photos and information about the activities to club or internet forum.

Club keep the right of modification and explaining.




1. 总则
1.1 俱乐部正式名称为“暨南大学全英授课教师俱乐部”。简称“E-club”。
1.2 俱乐部为有志于我校全英授课的教职工自愿参加的联谊组织。
1.3 俱乐部宗旨:促进全英教学、增进友谊, 提升全英教学国际化平台。

2. 俱乐部制度

2.1 俱乐部组织
2.1.1 暨南大学全英授课教师俱乐部组织形式:

2.1.2 暨南大学全英授课教师俱乐部教师成员:

2.2 俱乐部活动项目:

2.3 成员的基本权利
2.3.1 参加俱乐部组织的各项活动;
2.3.2 有权倡议、监督俱乐部的各项活动;
2.3.3 有权发布和使用共享的资源;
2.3.4 成员有退出俱乐部的权利。

2.4.1 遵守《俱乐部章程》;
2.4.2 参加俱乐部组织的活动;
2.4.3 增强俱乐部认同感,扩大俱乐部知名度;
2.4.5 向俱乐部提供教学资源。