Public Announcement 2018-2019(2)

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Public Announcement 2018-2019(2)



现对其违规情况进行公示,公示时间10天(自3月9日至3月18止),若对上述情况有异议,请书面或来电反映。受理单位:暨南大学国际学院教学与科研管理办公室。地址:校本部第二文科楼318室。电话:020-85224376, 020-85226586。电子邮箱

Based on Article 4, Chapter One of The Regulations On Undergraduate Credit System and Student Status Management of Jinan University, the following students who have failed to register before registration deadline will result in a defacto withdrawal from the university. Any complaint, please contact the Teaching Affairs Office of International School before March 19, 2019.

Office: Room 318, the 2nd Social Sciences Building, Main Campus

Tel: 020-85224376 , 020-85226586


International School, Jinan University

The Name List of the Students

NO.Student NO.学号Name 姓名Major 专业
12016059094K.R.M.SHILPA DIVYANJALIE RATHNAYAKEFood Quality and Safety
22016059092Shameen Fu Ying KaoFood Quality and Safety
32017059286HAWALAH GHAIDA HAMMAM MInternational Journalism
42017057779梁芷露International Journalism
52017057778黄骏濠International Journalism
62013059443Ibrahim Mohammad Thyab Al TellawiM.B.B.S.
82012059029ABDIKARIN MOHAMED ARTANClinical Medicine