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M.B.B.S. Welcome Ceremony-Fascination

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At 19:30 on 23th of March, 2018, M.B.B.S. Welcome Ceremony began at the Management building. With spring breezing, everyone entered the auditoriums in excitement.

Before the ceremony, the video “Life in JNU” guided freshmen to Jinan University. The video showedits openness to students from home and abroad and the daily activities in it, mobilizing their willingness to fit in.

The whole processes of this ceremony were separated into two parts. For the first part, the host was Professor Wu Xiyang. Afterthe guests were introduced, he invited Prof. Deng Yongzhong, Party Secretary and vice dean of International School, to give a lecture. Mr. Deng expressed his heartfelt welcome to the 2017 freshmen. In his speech, he hoped them beinghard-working, try every means to learn Chinese language and observe the rules and regulations, and enjoy the life here.

Next, Ms. Priya Hemprakash, Business Developer of Sarawati India Ltd, delivered a welcome speech as well. She suggested that it’s significant for freshmen to be prepared for the future.

Then, senior representative Jomon Philip Varughese and Apoorva Vishwanath shared their experience in Jinan. They recalled what they have achieved and appreciated for, telling the freshmen to seize every opportunity and never give up. Following speech by freshmen Tauseef Jawed also stated that with hard work, they can make a hit one day.

As for the second part, the hosts were Jomon and Suparna. They warmly welcomed students from 2015-2017 batches to perform on the stage. Among the 11 shows, songs and dances made up a big part. Performers presented passionate folk culture during the shows. Incredible India from 2015 batch, Dhimtana from 2017, and Tamil Thunders from 2016 contained traditional and modern dance, leading the whole ceremony to a climax. The Indian Express by 2015 batch took us to appreciate rhythmic dances. With thunderous cheers and applause, the ceremony came to a successful end.

For the freshmen in M.B.B.S, we wish that they can get used to the new surroundings sooner and achieve success in the following years of hard work!And thank OSD for preparing such a wonderful ceremony.




Words| Sierota

Picture| Doris

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