Guests from CU Fresno Paid a Visit to IS JNU

Source:国际学院 Date:2014-09-26 Hits:3

Mr. Paul Hofmann and Ms. Jamie Jones from the California State University, Fresno (UC Fresno) in United States of America arrived at Jinan University (JNU) on June 27, 2014 for a visit to the International School.

A presentation introducing Jinan University was presided over by Professor Tang, Dean of the International School, both sides discussed the collaboration on students, teachers and staff exchange, and this was followed by a campus tour.

With 100 years of excellence already, California State University, Fresno starts its second century on the cusp of new beginnings and opportunities. Today, Fresno State is leading the way in Central California through innovation and by inspiring our students to think on higher levels and pursue their dreams.

Written by Anny
Revised by Karthika