IS Dean, Prof Tang Invited to Attend Sino-American Chepd 1+2+1 Program Annual …

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The Conference was inaugurated in two universities - the  Inner Mongolia University of Technology and the Inner Mongolia University. More than 100 Sino-American universities attended the forum.

Dean Tang addressed hundreds of presidents and scholars from China and the U.S. at this annual convention. His in-depth views on furthering Sino-American strategic cooperative partnership and other issues of how to attract more US students study in China, reached broad consensus.

Last year, the Sino-American Chepd 1 2 1 Program Annual Conference of 2013 was held at Jinan University.


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Sino-American Chepd 1 2 1 Program Annual Conference 2014 was held on June 18th & 19th at Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. It was presided by the International School Dean - Prof Tang Shuze, the Vice Director of International Affairs Office Ms. Li Qiong, and the staff members of IS Ms. Chen Yan and Mr. He Dongfeng.