Exchange Life in UC (CHEN Cancan--09FIN)

Source:国际学院 Date:2014-09-23 Hits:3
I had been study in UC as an exchange student for one year and this exchange program has changed my life forever.

First of all, I’ve met lots of amazing friends that come from all over the world. Though we have so many culture differences and we don’t even speak the same languages, we eat different food and we enjoy different kinds of sports. But what I’ve found out the most is that, even with so many differences, we were so alike. We always gathered together and had a nice conversation about the fun facts of our own country. The more we get to know each other, the more we understand the differences among each other and the more we love and respect each other. That’s why I seldom felt lonely when I was so far away from home. The precious friendship had kept me warm and safe even when I was in a completely foreign country.

Moreover, one year in UC had provided me with opportunity to get to know more about the world of finance. Brainstorming with my fellow teammates, waiting in the computer lab for the outcome for the simulation for the security trading class, discussing fun facts in our life that related to finance in business finance class, all these great memories in college of business were unforgettable for me. And also, all the teachers in UC were so kind and helpful. If you need help, someone would always be there to give you advice.
And also, during the winter break and spring break, I had the chance to travel, to know more about United States. Staying in Youth Hostel, talking to strangers, visiting famous tourist attractions on my own were all brand new experience to me.
Thanks for International School and UC, after this one year of exchange experience, I believe that I’m more independent and confident than before. I know more about the world, and what’s more important, I know more about myself. 
Written by CHEN Cancan
Edited by Nick