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The China Annual Conference for International Education (CACIE) 2013 was held on 1-3 November at the China National Convention Center, Beijing. CACIE 2013, themed as "Vision-Innovation-Modernization", featured the China International Forum on Education, China Education Expo and Education B2B. As a leading platform for idea exchange and policy consultation in the field of education, the Forum was a cluster of many sessions, focusing on higher education, vocational education, basic education, student mobility and other related fields. Speakers, panelists and participants made many thought-provoking contributions on the topics. The China Education Expo attracts representatives from about 500 foreign universities each year to China, who tour Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. The Expo, with the reputation of China 'study-abroad wind-vane', serves as a perfect face-to-face occasion for foreign universities and their prospective students. Education B2B is a newly-established element of CACIE; it began in the year 2011. It is designed to help universities from China and the exhibiting foreign universities and institutions at the Expo to build cooperative relationships with each other through school-to-school networking opportunities. Throughout its more than 10 years existence, CACIE has developed into a high-level platform with the multifunction of policy consultation, academic & information exchange, exhibition, networking and program development.
Prof. Tang Shuze, Dean of IS, was invited to speak in the seminar on Academic and Cultural Courses for Study in China, scheduled on the morning of November 3rd. In his presentation, Prof. Tang introduced current undergraduate and forthcoming postgraduate English-medium programs to the representatives. He also analyzed the barriers and challenges for study in China. His presentation immediately aroused interest from the audience. After the seminar, Prof. Tang had conducive exchanges of opinion relating to the facilitation of global study programs. 
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