IS Student Graduated from the 1+2+1 Program

Source:国际学院 Date:2014-03-20 Hits:2
The 10th Graduation ceremony of 2013 1 2 1 Program was held in Jinan University on 26th of June. Principals and school representatives from 24 universities from the United States, as well as 73 universities from China attended the event.
Lai Liangyin, a 2009 CGA student from the International School, was the first graduate from Jinan University benefiting from this program. She had diplomas from both Jinan University and the University of Wisconsin, where she studied for two years. She is now enrolled at the University of Cincinnati to continue her Master’s study.
287 other graduates were also awarded diplomas from principals from the United States and from Jinan University on behalf of the plan.
The 1 2 1 Program, organized and administrated by CCIEE and AASCU, is a new form of international educational cooperation with two-way student and faculty exchanges between Chinese and American universities.
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